Next up: Mar 3, 2017 at Slakthuset, Stockholm


Feb 24, 2017

It's here. Our new album is out. Eleven new Satan Takes A Holiday songs. Get "Aliens" on CD , LP or from iTunes! Listen to it right now on Spotify!

Ladder To Climb video

Feb 11, 2017

Here is the official video for Ladder To Climb, created by Anders Carlborg of Knifven! Swallow every pill, drink every beverage, strike every blow, think every thought, scream every word, fall into every hole, climb every ladder. Completely alive.

Ladder To Climb

Jan 28, 2017

Ladder To Climb is out! Listen to it on Spotify and add it to your playlists and share it for the world to see, please!

The Beat video is out!

Dec 8, 2016

Head over to Youtube and watch it in all its glory. Papa Bear Headquarters and Peder Carlsson have truly made something special for us and Despotz Records. Go see!


Nov 17, 2016

Did you watch it yet? Midnattssol is available for streaming in Sweden over at SVTPlay. The song we're performing in the scene is Who Do You Voodoo off the album with the same name. You should check out the video by Johan Toorell in our YouTube channel. It's brilliant!