Hell is Here (feat. Tess De La Cour)

man-child, son of a gun
ran wild, end of a run
closer, ”I know what’s mine”
it’s over, the first in line
”love me, love me not
I’ll do, fuck I want”
we have, all on file
now you’re, walking the mile
you’d be forgiven if you didn’t see it coming
or had a hard time hearing all the drumming
you’ve done things you can’t undo
you’re not too clever, are you?
here it comes - end is near
here it comes - hell is here
”hey now, take a pill
chill now, I’m learning still
back down, I’m just a man
we can’t all be a fan”
we have but one goal
too late - heads will roll
”hey now, all good fun
it’s me - son of a gun”
know your own worth
what can you do?
scorching the earth before i give it to you
make it your move
move it some more
whatever you do i’ve done it before