I got in trouble, turned seventeen
inside my bubble, I wanna be
you had a stern tone of voice, making so much noise
I feel it still - the breaking of will
now twenty-five
oh, can’t you see
so full of answers, so full of dreams
you gotta give, before you get
while i’m hedging all my bets

may be a writer, may be unicorn
(they gonna give it to ya)
hey mister boss man, can’t you see?
a shining diamond from the day I was born
(i’m gonna show it to ya)
you need to be real good to me

now old and seasoned
indie vampire
all sense of reason
into the fire
your win is my kind of loss
so nail me to the cross

I ain’t no writer, ain’t no unicorn
(i’m gonna take it from ya)
I suck your blood and let you bleed
treat me like diamond, treat me as newborn
(I need to feel it from ya)
you need to be real good to me