I Believe What I See (If I See It In My Feed)

put your ear
to the door
through the wall
can you hear them in the hall?
in your house
in your home
and under foot, the bones
I believe
what I see
if I see in my feed
you deliver
and I take
assume all the news are fake
I can see my walls are closing in
just want to feel, not think
I can feel the ice is wearing thin
I I I believe
I don’t need a soul
I just need control
I feel I speak we sink
in my mind
put your finger
in my face
at my charm
I will take your goddamn arm I want less
I want more
when I rain I fucking pour to the point
no control
I’ve given up my soul
but in my mind
these are some desperate times
our time of one track minds
where will you draw your line?
and as the ship is sinking
I should’ve done some thinking