Animal Man Woman cover

Animal Man Woman

Released Nov 19, 2014Label STAH Music/Versity Rights. Distributed by Universal Music AB.Formats LP, digital
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Bang Bang

You saw me falling
but you didn’t catch me
You saw me falling
but you wouldn’t catch me

You see me now
I’m creeping fast
Take a breath
it might be your last

You see me coming
and I can’t slow down
You hear me whispering
this is my show now

Bang bang — as you came undone
I got places to be
Bang bang - I'd burn like the sun
can you see me?

Let’s play a game
it’s fist for thought
A wishful thought
A smack on the jaw

You see me throwing
but you can’t catch
You see me coming
see me light the match

are we having fun?
How long?
How far can you run?

Ah it’s hot
so hot
hot hot
yeah so hot

It’s me burning for you
Oh how I burn for you
This is me burning for you
and it burns