Animal Man Woman cover

Animal Man Woman

Released Nov 19, 2014Label STAH Music/Versity Rights. Distributed by Universal Music AB.Formats LP, digital
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Body And Soul

Left in a noose
and you already 
used what they gave you
Fixing the knot
that tightens up
No one saves you

Found yourself
at the end of your rope
All for fame yeah?
No knife at your throat
No gun in your mouth
What’s the danger?

Night and day 
Body and soul

Gave the last
of your love
to the one that can’t stand you
You sought out to find me
Well here i am
What’s my name

Keep on keeping it up
to get to where I am
You know where you are
You’ve come so far
Yeah what’s my name huh?

They keep you hungry
and you know what for
They keep you hungry 
to be back for more

Night and day
Body and soul