Animal Man Woman cover

Animal Man Woman

Released Nov 19, 2014Label STAH Music/Versity Rights. Distributed by Universal Music AB.Formats LP, digital
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Teenage You Teenage Me

yeah I’m an amputee
I met a guillotine
I never stopped the bleed
but I’m good good good

now don’t you make a scene
don’t tell me where you’ve been
or all the things you’ve seen
cause I’m done for good

no one to save you
now can’t you see?
lala a a a a
this is for teenage you
and teenage me
aint nobody
got a ten year itch
year long bleed
lala a a a a
no more teenage you
no teenage need
aint nobody aint nobody 
aint nobody for you

you just turned 25?
got up and left the hive?
you made it out alive?
so far so good

if you could see the sun
the way I do, son
would you stay or would you run
as far as you could?

who´s gonna come for you?
no one - that’s who