Animal Man Woman cover

Animal Man Woman

Released Nov 19, 2014Label STAH Music/Versity Rights. Distributed by Universal Music AB.Formats LP, digital
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Talk Of The Town

hey you’re a cold man
with a cold heart
got the cold crooked fingers
but the face of a singer

you’ve got the smooth tan
a suit to look smart
you got nothing to lose
´cept those teeth
do you, mister?

and you’re the talk of the town
what are you about?
behind the glitter and sounds
I’ll figure you out
the talk of the town

you got some business?
so let your hair down
go walk the streets like a sinner
with the smirk of a winner

you love the drama
your rock n roll smile
looks and tricks and ink can’t turn you 
into something more than a whore, boy

let me tell you a little something, tiny dancer
let’s lay down the law, baby boy
i see you’ve been takin classes, little prancer
readin up on the fad, mr mccoy
now you wear it - on your sleeve
all them things that - you’ll never be
you ate the pages like a sucker
well, i wrote the goddamn book, motherfucker

shimmy all you want
just gimme gimme give it back

hey you’re the talk of the town
you sing the blues now?
the fancy shoes now?
what are you about?
behind the glitter and sounds
the song and dance huh?
I’ll put my foot out
I’ll figure you out
the talk of the town